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Hi, I’m Mish, this is my blogsite, and a location for my writing as I transition from the UK to New Zealand, from being a Pom to becoming a Kiwi. The blog looks at a range of subjects, including computing, religion, politics, gender, astronomy, sexuality, linux, intersex, locomotives, and other stuff I’m sure.

I lived in the UK for most of my life, worked in Paris & Ireland for a while, and moved to New Zealand with my Kiwi partner in 2010.  I have had variety in education and career, I worked in retail then studied Philosophy, Politics & Economics as a mature student and gained a Philosophy degree. I worked in the voluntary sector, was involved in community development, worked with elderly people, worked in a drug rehab, and worked as a gardener and lawn-layer. I was an active member of the Church of England; I was involved in campaigns against racism, Apartheid, homophobia and in support for Nicaragua, of people with mental health issues, Amnesty International, Jubilee 2000 and Drop the Debt.  I studied business management, and gained a post-grad Diploma in Management and Administration, worked as a temp, and began working with computers. I became a religious novice in a religious community, where I worked as a cook and as a gardener, as well as working with homeless people. I gained an MSc in Information Technology, and worked with a range of UNIX systems as an administrator and analyst, SQL RDMBS management, and in Windows & database development. I returned to university to do research, studied research methods, sociology, social anthropology, gender studies and queer theory, and taught undergraduates. I became involved with intersex activism, and was a UK board member of Organisation Intersex International for about five years.

I have had a number of relationships with men and women, but find it difficult sustaining relationships, so have spent as much of my life as a single person as being part of a couple. I value time on my own enormously, and have a fairly misanthropic view of life. This is in part to do with having a father who was misanthropic, but also reflects some of my experiences with other humans. I love dogs, and much prefer them to people; I had no siblings, and as a child I probably felt closer to my dog than any human. Much of my school holidays were spent in the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum and the Commonwealth Institutes in Kensington, near where I lived, although I also recall spending a lot of time in hospital and visiting consultants as a child.

Since moving to New Zealand, I have begun to focus on my writing again, and pulling together various strands and themes of thought that run through my life as reflected in my writing. Writing is my greatest joy, although I am rarely satisfied with what I produce, which is why I have never tried to get published.

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2 comments on “This blog what I have written…

  1. Hey Mish! Just checking out the blogging possibilities! I’ve enjoyed reading more about your personal history! And hope to see you in the UK. When was it you will be there? X Del

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