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  1. I find it rather annoying that Nicky can have his ramblings posted on CherryBlossomLife’s blog, but the owner of the blog refuses to allow a reply. What is Nicky afraid of, or CherryBlossomLife for that matter. If freedom of speech is so precious to them, why is it not their attitude that it’s not so precious to their victims?

    First reply that was not published by CherryBlossomLife:

    Nicky is known for his ability to make up stories blending truth with fantasy every time he types anything. So for the truth part, I did have him fired (not rehired) in his capacity as “Custodian” of the Library of SCSU after he made disparaging videos about me whilst supposedly working for SCSU. The compliant was “bringing the University into disrepute” because he was representing as a paid employee, South Connecticut State University.

    As for anything to do with Transsexual people and his transphobia, that had nothing to do with my successful complaint. Nicky K D Chaleunphone does not have an “intersex” condition, nor does he have a DSD, what he has is a delay in the onset of puberty requiring testosterone hormone therapy for him to fully mature. But because he has so little 2.5 mgs per day by patch, he isn’t maturing at all. He is after all 36 years old and still living with mommy and daddy having never had a proper full time job, nor placed in a position where has to care for his own needs. He is effectively mentally retarded.

    Second reply not published by CherryBlossomLife:

    Nicky’s comments are absolutely outrageous. Considering he’s a long time friend of the biggest “intersex” poser I have ever seen, namely Mishakailana on YouTube. Mishakailana claims to be 45X/46XY mosaic, even though she has produced 2 videos showing her karyotype to 46XY. She claims to be a True Hermaphrodite having two complete sets of working opposite gonads, in their correct anatomical position, a feat never reported in medical literature. And she claims to have CAH of the severe variety causing masculinised genitalia. Although no amount of adrenal hormones prenatally will cause testicular growth! Mishakailana is a fraud. She is in fact a Transsexual MtF but can’t bring herself to tell the truth. Nicky goes by the handle of MsKamodoDraGoon formerly KamodoDraGoon on YouTube, and you can view his comments about me and his support of Mishakailana here:
    http://www.youtube.com/user/mishakailana/feed?filter=1 now tell me after reading you’re not dealing with a complete hypocrite!

    • I was not sure whether to approve this comment, as I am aware that there is history, and I would not want to publish anything defamatory here (that would hypocritical of me). So, I am assuming certain comments are intended in the descriptive, rather than the abusive sense:


      If that is the case, please note that simply having an IQ of less than 70 is no longer sufficient for the label to be applied any more, and if it were, evidence of an IQ greater than 70 would mean I would have had to censor this post. Please note that the other key indicators of mental retardation are:

      Delays in oral language development
      Deficits in memory skills
      Difficulty learning social rules
      Difficulty with problem solving skills
      Delays in the development of adaptive behaviors such as self-help or self-care skills
      Lack of social inhibitors

      If there is any evidence to suggest that this description is wrong, please let me know, and I will edit the post accordingly.

      His statement that people like me “pretend to have a case of FIS (Faux Intersex Syndrome)” just about sums it up.

      What I find really sad though, and it is your comment that has helped me see this more clearly, is that he does appear to have some sort of issues of the type you describe in your reply – and these people are taking advantage of him because of that. I don’t think I fully appreciated this before, and if I had done, I might have approached the situation of his lies and defamation slightly differently.

      Who is worse? He cannot help being him, but some of these people are highly intelligent, and really ought to know better. The should be ashamed of themselves, just as I feel ashamed that I should have to demean myself and respond to his lies, defamations, bigotry and bullying behaviour. I don’t think anybody in the intersex community was ever cruel to him, not in the way these new-found friends of his are.

  2. For the information of anybody actually reading any of this waste-of-time, waste-of-space, stuff…

    If you think that “Cherry Blossom Life” has a familiar ring to it: in 2008, the blog Nicky terminated because it revealed a little too much information about his habits, homophobia and lesbian fantasies, was called “Living Kallman’s Life”:


    “The reason being is that I don’t have control of my blog and that I can’t restrict my blog from curtain people or curtain groups. I am sick and tired of people running over my blog and not making my blog very creditable. So I am migrating my blog from blogger to wordpress because I am able to gain control my blog and restrict my blog to curtain people. I am moving on up in the blogging world because blogger is in a sense for beginners and I am growing old from blogger. This is why the Kallmann’s syndrome life blog will no longer be posted on blogger and will now be posted in WordPress.”

    So, if it seems that the conversation in Cherry Blossom Life only consists of two participants, there could be a good explanation for that, and the explanation may even be explained in the reasoning behind the move to WP.

    Nevertheless, despite his antics on this and one or two other quite vicious blogs purporting to be by Radical Feminists and/or Lesbian Feminists, some of which carry Nicky’s defamations of me, as well as others, his constructions and distortions have permeated through to intelligent radical feminist bloggers who I actually hold in some esteem (while not agreeing with some of their perspectives and/or style).

    “Lucky Nickel” is an interesting online identity, an internet troll who often turns up in these sorts of discussions on blogs and FB…

    • “He is effectively mentally retarded” that’s the part I’m referring to. I don’t think it’s offensive, I think it’s a fair reflection of his abilities. I don’t know what his learning disability is. I do know he writes of his parents on Twitter as if he were a teenager, and treats young women he meets at university in a very sexually explicit manner, not representative of an adult. He’s talked about how his mother would not approve of them because of their bodily proportions, clothing and make up they wear. For a 36 year old man his language is totally inappropriate.

      All the other completely illogical comments he types about issues he has no knowledge of, referring to other people with major medical health and psychological issues show how immature he is. And yet people with much more intelligence than him encourage his venting, I think because they enjoy laughing at him. Nicky isn’t a “sad” case, he is a tragic case.

      • OK, I’ll leave it for now, because it does offer some insight, but if anybody thinks it is offensive, I will take it down straight away. I hope these people are genuinely taken in by him, and not “laughing at him” (and those he abuses), because as you say, it would be so tragic if that were true, and I would have to revise my estimation of some of those concerned quite radically. It is like watching people torture a puppy. Not at all what I expect from Radical Feminists at all.

      • I think they believe him. Dirt ejected him when she realised what he was. To my astonishment, so it appears has Bev Jo. Gallus Mag’s still a fan, as are others.

        He’s the “voice of the Intersex community” to them, as he tells them what they want to hear. Dissenting voices aren’t published.

  3. Well they’re choosing to be somewhat ignorant. I’m referred to by Nicky and CherryBlossomLife as being a Transsexual supporter and a Transsexual 🙂 I’m not opposed to Transsexuals, just people generally who masquerade as something they’re not, like ****** for instance. People who exaggerate their severity of condition like *****, or *****, or Nicky Chaleunphone. All these people have medical/psychiatric conditions that cause them great concern as their conditions affect them, there’s no need to solicit sympathy by pretending greater effect than they already suffer.

    (message moderated – names removed, for obvious reasons)

    • “There is only one thing worse than being talked about, and that’s not being talked about.”
      Oscar Wilde

      I can prove, no problem at all, the people I mentioned do indeed exaggerate their accounts to make them more receptive to acquiring a sympathetic response.

      Merely checking sites offered by Nicky as evidence of wrong doing, or his claims of himself, or of others, proves he’s not got a clue what he’s talking about, and has very limited understanding of the topics he parrots on about. That intelligent person seriously believes him defies credulity. 🙂 (I really like that word)

      I would never have known of his latest ramblings about me had you not shared them with me. Usually I ask people not to do that as I know he never says anything sensible, and his modis operandi is “abuse to receive a response.” Ignoring him, if one ever actually engages with him directly, never resolves anything.

      However a single comment per insult I believe is due purely as a right of reply, rather than an intention to engage. Debate with Nicky is not possible, as debate is not what he seeks.

  4. Thanks for your comments, Graeme and Zoe. It is great that you took this opportunity to use my blog to speak to the things Nicky has said about you, when you have not been granted that opportunity on the blogs he uses to defame people from.

    Graeme, I’d never have had you pegged as an avid supporter for trans people posing as intersex – LOL! I think I understand where you are coming from, although I think your approach is problematic, to be honest. But, we seem to be able to speak civilly.

    Likewise, Zoe, you know the difficulties I have with lot of what you say, especially your definition of intersex, and self-inclusion on that basis, but at least we behave like grown-ups, talk to each other and do not throw our toys out of the pram.

    Whereas, somebody should stick Nicky’s dummy back in his mouth.


    I think I want to move on from this, now, unless anybody else has anything to add…

    • I’m an avid supporter of people representing themselves honestly. I never judge people on the basis of their sex, only of their character. I really enjoy the speeches of Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

  5. http://cherryblossomlife.com/2012/06/11/intersex-community-unite-with-radfems-against-the-transsexual-empire/#comment-1750

    “its awful that on your site mishmich that you call cherryblossom a troll!” (Peaceandparty)

    I didn’t. Nowhere in the post or subsequent conversation do I refer to CBL as a troll. I question the relationship between CBL and Nick, in the context of Nick’s own decade-long history and propensity to construct online identities, male, female, and intersex.

    I would also question the consistency of a position of anybody in a community where many of the women involved ape masculinity and wear clothing and hairstyles traditionally associated with men, shrilly denouncing those born/assigned as male who do something similar, but the other way around.

    The reality is there are masculine women who like women, just as there are feminine women who like women, and those born/assigned female who prefer to identify as male, some of whom like women, others men; similarly, there are feminine men who like men, just as there are masculine men who like men, and those born/assigned male who prefer to identify as female, some of whom like men, others women. Get over it.

    This has been understood for at least a century now, but for some reason, over the past 50 years, certain groups have decided people shouldn’t be this way, and rather than deconstructing gender roles and performance, these roles should be rigidly policed in line with biological sex, and rigorously reinforced. Reinforced for everybody – except those who perform female masculinity. At the same time, any form of male femininity is vilified, demeaned and misrepresented. Male femininity is presented as fetishistic, reactionary, and selfish (particularly where male identification is rejected), while female masculinity is presented as asexual, political, and virtuous (as long as a female identification is not abandoned).

  6. Fascinating idea, where have I seen that recently before, oh that’s right, Kallmann syndrome Group Facebook. I joined a discussion about me – people like talking about me – and roughly 8 hours after the last comment made by me was posted the “admin” dived in with an accusation that I was a “troll.”

    And that comment was made roughly (from memory) a day after a character called Peace Andparty chimed in with numerous accusations about me. That was because I challenged a fellow by the name of Gregory Lentz to show how he can have Kallmann syndrome and Klinefelter’s syndrome at the same time or even at different times in the same person? My understanding is that the two are self excluding, or cancelling, they cannot exist6 in the same person at the same or different times.

    My feeling on the matter was that the “admin” had been “got at” behind my back where nasty things were said by the character Peace Andparty in order to get the “admin” to accuse me, and block me no matter what response I made. Even if I’d done and said nothing I would have been blocked.

    The similarity of name “Peaceandparty” and “Peace Andparty” cannot be overlooked. I suggest you watch your back, or at least have someone watch it for you, you may well find a long protruding blade firmly planted if you do not.

  7. This post was flagged as ‘spam’ for some reason, but I’m letting it through. Thanks for the advice. I don’t really understand why anybody with XXY would want to be in a Kallman’s group, but so it goes. I usually avoid condition-specific groups as much as possible, because that seems to be where some of the worst nastiness grows. I think it is a shame, ten years ago, groups were small and people fragmented, and that meant people tended not to be nasty to each other – unlike the trans groups. But, I have noticed over the past five years (during which time I was pretty dormant) there has become much more bitchiness in intersex groups generally. I think some of this is to do with DSD, and the polarising of views that facilitated, but also because there are sufficient numbers involved for serious personality clashes to arise. It is all about group dynamics. But, if you know anything about groups (and I think you must), any group based on negative aspects of life has to throw up a scapegoat that can be blamed for all the woes of the group as a whole, which cast out, making everybody feel better about themselves. The problem is, if groups don’t move on from that, people go quiet, afraid they will be the next sacrificial animal to be publicly humiliated. This is effectively what a handful of people are doing here – silencing people in the intersex community. They may not be consciously aware of this – but you look at any group where somebody is hauled across the coals, it all goes very quiet for a while after that. I’m less interested in the personalities, although Nicky obviously gets my back up, because I despise hypocrites, than the process. All Nicky is doing is a more clumsy version of what Kiira Treia did some 15 years ago. Somebody who also claimed to be intersex, hung around with radical feminists, and herself had a discrepant history that may well have hidden a transsexual reality. As Desmond Tutu said, if you see somebody pointing the finger, three fingers are pointing back at them – certainly true for homophobic clergy, most of them like it up arse either in reality or in their dreams – and apparently true of the homophobic, transphobic, transgenderist lesbian fantasist this piece was meant to be about.

    • Well I’m on the Kallmann group on Yahoo Groups, where exactly the same people as the FB group are. I’m very interested in any form of hypogonadism, I like to discover if the psychological problems that affect XXY’s or men with Klinefelter’s syndrome are also prevalent or present in men with Kallmann syndrome. I can also offer excellent suggestions when the Kallmann men aren’t developing physically as they think they ought to be. I have found the Yahoo Group to be most agreeable, I have learned a lot from them.

      I believe Gregory Lentz is on the Klinefelter groups to gather information for his soon to be published book, that I already purchased a copy of, as I really do what to find out why he thinks he has Kallmann and Klinefelter’s at the same time.

      On Bodies Like Ours there’s almost no talk at all, as all those interested in chatting have been thrown out. I’d go back but I can’t be bothered, and I wouldn’t be able to disguise my identity anyway. I have very strong points of view. 🙂

      Nicky’s been about his “task” for years. The first Transsexual I heard of who made a reactionary blog about him was Laura Mac, and she was excellent at denouncing his every utterance. Then he moved on to YouTube with Gavan and enlisted his help as he was thrown out of BLO for Transphobia, claiming Trans people weren’t entitled to Employment Rights, or Sex Discrimination Rights. That comment didn’t get him chucked out of XXYTALK where he made it, but did for BLO. Now to go back all he need do is find 3 people to support his application that’s he’s changed.

  8. Well, now I’ve re-opened comments, maybe others will chip in if they read this. I hadn’t appreciated that WP defaults to closure of comments after only 7 days, so I hunted down the setting and changed it to 3 months.

    I think one of the things Gavan was upset about was that in reading this blog nearly two months after I wrote it, he couldn’t comment on it. That was not what he went ballistic about, though. It was that he posted a long rant about how terrible I am on my wall, a day after I had posted something on his, and then an hour later flamed me because I hadn’t replied. I was fast asleep while his drama was playing out – although when I mentioned this, it didn’t seem like a good enough reason for not responding to him straight away. Of course, having just flown back from the UK, I was shattered with jet-lag, shattered from not having had a proper night’s sleep for over a month, and shattered from running around trying to sort out my mother’s affairs in the UK. So, I was going to be bed about 9 p.m. (which is not uncommon in this country anyway, from what I can make out as TV is crap here, eh?). But no, that was not good enough, apparently, I should have been awaiting some comment from him, poised to respond. Egotistic or what? Sorry mate, I am not here at your beck and call.

    He is very disappointed in me, apparently – which is a shame. But, I’m pretty disappointed in him. I never realised he was chums with Nicky till Graeme pointed it out, but had I known this, I would have had to revise my judgement of the guy sooner. I was also quite disappointed at how sexist he is in his views on women, which only came about when some of the images he was posting on his wall appeared on my own. Also, the guy seems to be paranoid, and thinks a post I made from the Irish Times was for his benefit. How ludicrous, it was sent to me by a group called Genital Autonomy, of which I am intersex liason for, and I publicised it as I do much of their stuff. But, beyond that, he obviously hasn’t noticed what my surname is, and has no idea that I have worked in Ireland. That I am a person of Irish descent (you wouldn’t choose a surname like mine, living in England – it is disadvantageous there, unlike places like Australia, or Ireland…).

    I am glad that this conversation can take place in the open, in a location Gavan has access to, and can respond to if he chooses to. It demonstrates quite clearly that there is no collusion between Graeme and myself, no talking behind his back, and thus no reason to add to his paranoia in any way. I much prefer things out in the open, because I am fundamentally as honest as I can be, and when things are out in the open, there are no dark shadowy places people can hide away and attack you from. Of course, I do wonder if he will decide to contribute to this conversation, in the way you and Zoe did – or whether like Nicky he will shy away, afraid to actually engage on an equal footing. Or, whether he will retreat to his video blogs, where he can talk unchallenged.

    I discovered a great cure for paranoia 30 years ago. Stop smoking weed. Weed makes you paranoid, and if you don’t smoke the stuff, the paranoia goes away. It is not rocket science. The only other way then to get round this problem was to take heroin, which was bad news. There may be other things these days to take the edge of the paranoia, but none as good as cutting out the thing that makes you paranoid in the first place, I bet.

    Wouldn’t it be great if the three of you could come to terms, reach some kind of understanding. I think that the amount of anger I pick up on in what I have seen of Nicky and Gavan is a clear testimony to the way medicine has really let them down. And I think that is where much of my own anger comes from, I don’t know about you, Graeme. But, lashing out at others who had similar experiences is not going to solve anything.

    It is a shame, because it is a bit like the way the intersex “community” was split over DSD, and much anger that should have been used in trying to bring about positive changes became focussed on some very negative things. Instead of channelling that energy into something positive, we often seem to get drawn into destructiveness.

    This is why I do get a bit fed up when somebody like Cherryblossomlife comes along and starts encouraging Nicky, using him to muddy the waters where intersex is concerned, when really she should keep the hell out of our business. He needs help, not being used like that. He could be a really sweet person, if he wanted to.

    I’m not really interested in this conflict certain radical feminists have with transsexuals – it doesn’t affect me. The point at which it did affect me, I actually spent a lot of time and energy working with somebody who was being attacked by some transsexuals because of her views. She has become a friend of mine since.

    CBL asks to be left alone – which I respect. I am quite clear I have no desire to be in those spaces she holds so dear, never have done, and never will. So, I have left her (and others like her) alone, quite happily. I’m not interested in participating. So, I get a bit pissed off when people who say they want transsexuals to keep out of their business, start putting the boot in where intersex is concerned, and fucking us over to advance their exclusivist agenda. It is total hypocritical bullshit. If she allows somebody to name me, to post about me, then it is not realistic to expect that i will not respond in some way. The way to be left alone by me is quite simple – leave me alone. That will work. Interfere in my affairs, I will be in your face.

    I have to wonder where somebody is at when they do that to somebody who is sympathetic to 95% of what they say. who has respected their space, and actively engaged in support for people like Tamsin Wilton and Julie Bindel – it leaves me a bit speechless TBH. I am appalled that these people decide that as well as dictating who is and isn’t really a woman, or lesbian, they can now start dictating who is and isn’t intersex. As if we haven’t had years of that, years of mutilating surgeries by “the patriarchy” seeking to have us conform to their expectations of what men and women should be like. Well, I guess I expected more from such people, so again, I am disappointed. I would just say to the likes of CBL – “back off!”.

    FFS, if they thought transsexuals were scary – they wanna meet some of us, who have avoided them as far as possible. Intersex is a door radical feminists really do not want to be opening.

    • “Wouldn’t it be great if the three of you could come to terms, reach some kind of understanding. I think that the amount of anger I pick up on in what I have seen of Nicky and Gavan is a clear testimony to the way medicine has really let them down. And I think that is where much of my own anger comes from, I don’t know about you, Graeme. But, lashing out at others who had similar experiences is not going to solve anything.”

      Michell, hello, I had no idea you’d written all this, I NEED to click that “notify me of follow-ups” tab. 🙂 I’m just slack! I have allowed Nicky to post freely on YouTube accounts I’ve had, and Gavan, and done my very best to accommodate them, but it’s just impossible to reason with either of them. Nicky won’t agree Transsexual people have the same rights as everybody else, and ought to. Gavan won’t allow anybodys views but his own on his videos, or views that are so inert that they barley represent anything in the video.

      Then, should anybody comment on my videos, in an agreeable way, Gavan hounds those people until they remove their comments. It’s pure bullying! He will tell people of me “if you’re his friend you can’t be my friend” and of the few people I have regular contact with, they all say to him effectively “sod off.” They can’t be bothered with others who are so controlling. Most other people do what he wants to avoid the hassle.

      I don’t see what else I can do. The only way Gavan will tolerate me is if I completely capitulate to his ever changing demands of how he thinks I should be, and frankly, I hate him. What’s there to like about a control freak? If he stays far away I’m happy. The trouble is doesn’t stay far away, he’s forever trying to be in my life, and I don’t want him, nor do I need him.

      As for “medicine letting them down” it’s that sad old case of, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink!” They have to sort their own lives out, seek proper psychiatric care, and take their medicine, which to date they do not do.

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  10. After Gavan & Nicky’s latest nonsense I’d say for certain that if both of them died is a fiery incident, or fell off a tall cliff, the world would not suffer any great loss. Almost nobody comments on my videos or channels as when they do Gavan harasses them to stop commenting, then goes to places I comment and harasses me in private messages causing those strangers to block me & Nicky does exactly the same.

    Those two thugs are as interested in the free flow of information and discussion as Hitler and his cronies were interested in better housing for racial minorities! It is impossible to block Gavan and Nicky from ones YouTube account, and their only intention is to stop me from taking part on YouTube, because they are thugs who have nothing to offer the world but hatred and nastiness.

    The only time I discover what these to animals are doing is when I go back to videos I’ve commented on, only to find numerous hate comments, almost always using my full real name by Nicky, the same ‘man’ who has me blocked on Twitter and talks about me with other strangers in always a derogatory fashion, and dares to complain that I’m harassing him. He has no actual information to offer, which I will be detailing in my next well thought out video on Vimeo, where my videos stand a better chance of remaining. YouTube does nothing to protect videos from their thuggery.

    Gavan will not come here and give any side of any opinion, his goal is to harass and intimidate not comment and discuss. His only real issue is that there are other people in the world, if there were none he would be happy.

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