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  1. I posted this response to Nicky’s lies about me on Bev Jo’s blog:

    Hi Bev Jo,

    I appreciate your removing the recent defamatory comments about me, thanks.

    You did not accept my comments about Nicky’s posts late last year, which I haven’t been too bothered about because in them he links to posts on my blog that explain all about Nicky. However, I am tired of Nicky’s lies on radical feminist blogs about me, and given recent events, I am publishing proof that he is a liar here:


    That will remain until such time as Nicky’s posts are removed, just to show what a fool he is making of you all – which is a shame, because I respect much of what you do and say.

    If you could remove his defamtory posts about me here, like you did these others, then I would appreciate that, thanks. I’d also appreciate it if you could have a word with your friends who run other blogs like this one, and where he has posted similar lies about me, and get them to do the same.

    I have never denied that I have transitioned, I simply affirm that one can be intersex and have problems with the gender assigned – as is clearly acknowledged by both the APA and WPATH in their creation of a distinct diagnostic category for people who exhibit gender dysphoria with a DSD. As I have pointed out elsewhere, unlike the misconception Nicky seems to be under, intersex people are more likely to be unhappy with, and reject, their original assignment than the general population – not less.

    You need to be a bit more careful when you allow people like Nicky to accuse intersex people of not being intersex and of being transsexual. I am not a transsexual, although I am gender non-conforming/variant/transgressive or whatever term people like to use. I am sure there really are some fantasists out there who for some strange reason think claiming intersex will be in some way advantageous to them, and I have an idea who some of them are myself. But, those who are genuine are often people who have been hurt, scarred and damaged, and we are a very vulnerable group of people; by scarred I mean literally (me included) as well as emotionally.

    To be honest, I think you and your friends should be ashamed that you host attacks on intersex people. While there may be the odd one or two that is not far off the mark – I would prefer to give people the benefit of the doubt rather than risk destroying one genuine intersex person completely the way Nicky has tried to.

    Some of us have worked quite hard for intersex rights over the past ten years, while Nicky has done nothing apart from act like a brat, trying to undermine much of the work genuine intersex people have been doing, demanding his own way, and defaming anybody who stands up to his bullying.

    It is so sad that people so eager to fight for the rights of women should feel they need to accommodate this unpleasant man, who is obsessed with a small vulnerable minority, and who appears to be a mine of misinformation for you.

    Ask any genuine intersex activist in any reputable intersex organisation what they think of Nicky. If they know of him at all, you will get surprisingly similar answers.

    • “Ask any genuine intersex activist in any reputable intersex organisation what they think of Nicky. If they know of him at all, you will get surprisingly similar answers.”

      Exactly. It’s unfortunately common for people to claim to “know” intimate medical records of people they’ve never met, and talk about medical issues they can’t possibly have any knowledge about.

      Expect any evidence you give to be labelled a forgery. They know what they know.

      I have a low opinion of BevJo and company, and am unsurprised that someone with a very serious mental illness fits right in with them, as long as he keeps telling them what they want to hear. I just hope they don’t reject him, he’s had too much rejection, and it exacerbates his condition.

      As you know, his many subpersonas include ultra-macho types and porn collectors, nappy fetishists and so on, so it would be funny that the RadFems are a macho male in their midst. Except there’s nothing remotely funny about Nicki’s illness, it’s just tragic that he’s so obnoxious that he’s alienated those in the best position to help. He doesn’t deserve such rejection, and I hope he’s found a niche in Separatist Radical Feminism.

    • Since posting this earlier, an interview with Nicky has appeared, in which he substantially reduces his lies about me:


      In this interview, he has reduced my role to a brief:

      “Even Mishmich has Harassed me online for disliking Trans people and not accepting them into the Intersex community.”

      This is closer to the truth, although I have not harrassed Nicky.

      I do seem to keep coming across him, first in OII, where I was a UK board member, then on Wikipedia when he tried to erase references to OII and insert Kallman’s as an intersex condition even though he could not provide any source to verify this. When Wikipedia editors challenged him about the latter, he threatened them.

      More recently, I came across him posting about friends of mine in a radical feminist blog, and when I responded to that with a post on my blog, he started telling lies about me on feminist blogs – to which my other posts here were responses. These were deliberately put up here so that visitors from those blogs, following the links to this blog (which Nicky kindly posted), could get a clearer picture of who I really am, and what Nicky is like.

      Whenever Nicky posts a link to my blog, I get told about it, and I follow it back to its source, and if the blog contains defamation and will not publish my response to it or remove it, I start a new page about Nicky and whatever he has lied about, so that it is right at the top of my blog, and anybody who follows it here will see my response here.

      So, in linking to me on these radical feminist blogs, it is obvious that the person doing the harrassing here is Nicky. And he harrasses many people in the intersex community he considers to be trans, or he considers to be trans allies, as well as trans people themselves. He started trying to do this through intersex groups, but they all threw him out, so now he does it through radical feminist blogs.

      What I did do was confront him about his transphobia and incitement to hatred, within OII, as it is something that we were not able to accommodate. Nor were we prepared to allow him to challenge people who he thought were not intersex and who were in his opinion transsexual really. We have very clear reasons why we won’t do this. We do not believe it is our job to decide who really is or isn’t intersex, because we are not doctors. We understand the stresses many intersex people have been through, particularly those who are uncomfortable with their assigned gender, and do not want to cause them more harm. Nicky, on the other hand, did seem to want to harm people, and would threaten people if he did not get his own way.

      We tried really realy hard to work with Nicky, and many still have affection for him – even some of those he attacked online and threatened, surprisingly enough.

      I can’t stand him myself, and think he is a very convincing compulsive liar who needs help. I am also sure he has a point, that there are some people in the intersex community who are not really intersex at all. I just think he needs to be more careful about accusing people he considers are not intersex simply because they have problems with their gender identity.

      The main reason I waste time on him is because I have a terrible aversion to bullies, and I won’t have him bullying me or anybody I know – even if he tries to hide behind his new-found radical feminist chums, I’ll continue to call him out on the garbage he spouts. I will also point out that he has never done a thing for intersex people.

      So, Nicky.

      I have shown you my evidence, now show me some proof that you really are intersex.

      I have spent much of the last ten years lecturing, teaching, writing and campaigning about intersex.

      Show us all what you have done for intersex – apart from vent your hatred of trans people.

      • “We tried really realy hard to work with Nicky, and many still have affection for him – even some of those he attacked online and threatened, surprisingly enough.”

        Guilty as charged. If he heals, I think he’ll make an insightful and intelligent, decent human being. I see the potential, not the very different present reality.

        Also – no-one should be so alone as that. I’m hoping that he finds himself at home with those of like mind. Partly because it shows them up, but mainly so he has a home, after being turfed out of every other place he’s joined due to his illness.

      • This was my response to the blog owner’s questions, which has not been published as yet:

        I disagree that I harrassed him – I disagreed with him. I did not think that intersex groups were a good place for him to indulge in his transphobia. That is not what intersex groups are for. I say the same thing to trans people – intersex groups are not for transsexual issues. A few have got quite upset with me about that. They usually leave after that.

        I do not see transsexualism as being intersex, no, I never have, and have always made that quite clear. They are two different issues. However, there is an overlap in the lives of some people. Some intersex people are not happy with their assigned gender, and they try to find a way they can live with that unhappiness. So, some intersex people reject their assigned gender, and some reject any gender, some identify as intersex, some as transgender, and some as transgender and intersex. Most don’t have this to deal with, but some do. That is why the APA’s proposed revisions to DSM-V and WPATH’S SOC-7 now include a category for children and adults with gender dysphoria who have DSD. I do not agree with their including us in DSM-V, nevertheless, they do recognise that some intersex people do have these issues, and have developed standards of care for them.

        To say intersex people cannot also be trans makes as much sense as saying intersex people cannot be gay, or lesbian. Life is not as neat and tidy as that, unfortunately.

        So, I think it is important that intersex groups remain focused on intersex issues, not trans issues, but bearing in mind some intersex people may have similar issues to trans people. What doesn’t work though, is when we have to spend a lot of time dealing with trans people’s issues, or when we have to spend a lot of time dealing with people’s about trans. Both are a waste of time, energy and resources. Just like this exercise of yours is, and my response to it.

        Zoe is free to say what she wants. I have little to do with her. I think for myself.

        What I would ask you to do is the same thing I ask trans people to do:

        Please stop co-opting intersex for your (radical feminist) agenda.

  2. Zoe, I don’t mean to be rude, but until I see evidence to the contrary, I have a similar opinion about you as do people like Louise, Maria, Peggy, and these transphobic people as well. I also think that the way you have handled yourself has not enhanced your credibility at all. I just want us to be clear about that. OK?

  3. I left the following comment on that post:

    MishMich is both male intersex and transgender. He does not conflate intersex and transgender or postulate about neuro-essentialist “intersex laydee-brains” as most trans activists do. He is both an intersex and transgender activist, recognizing that there is some overlap (although the majority of intersex people are not transgender, rates of transgenderism are higher among intersex than the general public).
    I highly recommend that anyone with even a passing interest read MishMich’s writings on the transgenderism of children, starting with “Leave the Kids Alone”. Most of them are located here:
    https://mishmich.wordpress.com/tag/trans-kids/ (start at the bottom and read up)

    Not only are they fascinating and well-written (and STRONGLY against the patholization and medicalization of “gender” in children and young people) but provide a detailed public record of the shitstorm and backlash his opinions caused in the transgender community – attacks and censorship from various transgender orgs and the “usual suspects” of Joe Ruby Ryan, Natacha Kennedy, Jane Fae, et al.
    Although Michelle and Nicky have a long and acrimonious history it is evident that MishMich is anything but the typical transgender drone. I highly value his activism against the transgendering of children.
    Michelle’s essay: “Transphobia: The heresy of our time” is also well worth reading. MishMich is NOT a fan of fake bee-sting intersex, and very much NOT a fan or ally of Zoe Allan “cut and paste” Brain. Although trans, there is NO WAY MishMich should be placed into the same category of crazy-ass delusional Alan Fucking Brain.
    Thank you for letting me speak my piece, I hope it is useful information.

    • That is very generous of you Gallus Mag, thanks, although out of the two compulsory genders, I do prefer to be identified with/as female.

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