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  1. I didn’t know that. Too bad I thought he is really encouraged to help intersex people but spreading hate makes him look like some really disgusting trans activists like Casebeer. Perhaps he is really angry but hate isn’t the right option.

  2. I was reading some things Nicky wrote about you. I don’t know all the facts but I don’t see how you stalk or bully people. If you think that was Nicky is writing about you is wrong then you have the right to defend yourself. I don’t think that’s stalking.

  3. hi. first off…. my comment must say that so far you are completely anonymous-i have no idea who you are who writes these pieces.
    yet you talk of others with their real names!you did however use just my internet name ,peaceandparty in the other article(so thank you,thats important to do)
    second:there is far too much in house intersex fighting everywhere and all the time!
    3rd: hormones cause us issues and as “men” with hormone issues its not just highly unusual but its difficult to be understood and accepted as having issues with moodiness when its only supposed to be “women” having these issues!
    4th: kamododragoon is who you refer to. mostly. kamodo has issues with their genital size,their sociability, their being ignored for yrs because they don’t act very mature in general- also kamodo was always trying to have trans and intersex separated instead of combined and confused.
    i,peaceandparty, believe that the notion that only people with ambiguous genitalia are the only intersex-ed people is bogus and that the entire human population could establish itself as being intersex(intersex in the brain theory)
    the rigidity that societies have placed on peoples expressions of having to conform to the only two roles forced on each of us”masculine-male” or “feminine female” and that anyone or anything that doesn’t fit into that neat box is queer or has a disorder of sex developmentDSD has to stop being enforced and taught and conditioned into peoples understandings of what normal is!
    we are all normal,most struggle their entire lifetimes to be heard and not convicted with being called mad.
    we must care more for each other rather than stating that other peoples opinions are not as valid as their own.
    each to their own
    but no more attacks on others
    i can name all names including my own who are guilty of losing the plot and getting insensitive towards another regardless of why
    but i won’t name names here,i will just be aware of myself and thats what i think we need others to do. be aware of your selves and then know that soon it will be santas little elves on their way to all of you…and there will be no coal for any of us that read these things and truly care about positive progression….
    gavan coalman signing off
    lets get together instead of misunderstanding each other!
    i am an open book
    and i plan on having this world better with the eradication of gender role ideals

    • I use the names that people go by, Gavan. In this case, it was Nicky who misrepresented me, so that is the name I used. Had he used the name Kamododragon, I would have used that name instead. Mish is a nickname, and abbreviation of my full first name. Most people who know me call me Mish (or Mich). The people who know my real name are friends and family, people who know I am Mish, and they are the only people who need to know really. I doubt it would take more than 5 minutes to figure out who I am, seeing I hardly make it a secret.

      You seem like a lovely guy, Gavan. Good luck to you.

  4. hello mish or mich!
    great that you replied. i still have no idea who you are and dont need to know actually. i like discussing things with lots of people and regardless of people being intersex or not,if they have the ability to discuss even heated subjects then i am all on for conversation. you are right,i am a tad bit ego-centric but i am far from full of myself! in the documentary intersexion i actually see myself as being cocky—-regretful —– hahaha ,but i knew i was being interviewed by a team from new zealand and i knew that graeme would eventually see it and i was cocky mostly for that reason. basically graeme is unreasonable and is a joke and a terrible representative for xxys or intersex or trans people or god forbid “normal” people!
    nicky is actually a decent person but tends to get overly passionate and aggressive with forcing people to feel as if they have to prove they are intersex!i mean i cant prove i am intersex—i have no documents that state i am xxy! but nicky has got some nice sides but i agree that nicky must become more respectful of difference and i know that nicky is capable of that. i encouraged nicky to come to youtube and talk and be clearer rather than just sticking with blogs….. i have also tried and keep trying my best to get graeme and his handful of supporters to concentrate on making positive contributions. i have thrown more fuel on the fire sometimes in this online battle. most of the time though my vids were to establish more respect and to try and get through to graeme-i have gotten through to him and i am proud of myself for bringing intersex issues to the attention of the virtual world and the real world….. i thank you for your blog and will wish and want a better 2012 for all intersex people
    all for one and one for all
    we are all one but we are not the same
    peace be with us all always and eventually

    • Thanks for your reply, and I am sure you are right about Nicky, hence the title of the post, but the way he has gone about things has not worked, and lost him any credibility he might have had.

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