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  1. This is taken from my first attempt at a blog back in June 2007, while I was involved in OII:


    Nicky’s blog
    Here we have Nicky’s blog on his ‘condition’:


    Lately he rants about the evils of transgendered folk, about OII, and anything apart from himself or his condition. In fact, he clearly states that he sees the murderers of Gwen Araujo as his ‘heroes’!

    August 25 2005:

    “These people should be called heros (sic) because what these trannies did was lied and duped them into believing that they are who they are.”

    Here we have Nicky’s blog:


    Note his desire to wear cross-gender clothing and grow his hair like a girl.

    Nick came to our site, abused our hospitality, did nothing but badmouth transgender people, never discussed his own issues once – and had to be thrown out eventually because he started threatening people.

    On his main site, some of his favourite links are porn sites with pictures of women’s genitals.

    Nick – get a life. Face up to your own gender issues and stop trying to project them onto other people and stop pretending that your gender issues aren’t gender issues, but intersex issues. Then deal with both issues properly. When you have sorted yourself out, you will be welcome to come back to OII and try again – or, if you want to talk to somebody who can help, let us know.

    At OII, we will accept you feeling caught somewhere between the genders, we do not expect you to be a man or a woman, unless you wish to – and we will accept you as either. All we ask is that you do not try to use our forum to exercise hatred against other minority groups – including transgendered people – OK?


    Both the blogs the original post linked to look like they were taken down some time after I published this, which is not surprising really. As I recall, the host acted when complaints were raised, because they saw one as being effectively a hate-site. As for his personal blog, I doubt having somebody with a blog that links to pornorgraphy and goes on about his lesbian fantasies and his fetishes would have endeared him to feminists like FAB-libber (AKA Davina, or Dave Squirrel). My guess is that the death threats and support for the perpetrators of gender-based violence might not have been that welcome either (so, maybe a fail, getting it taken down?). I never really understand how people imagine they can somehow completely rewrite their internet history.

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